Armand Duplanti’s unexpected question to André Pops live – the big confusion: “I don’t understand”

Armand Duplantis won Finnkampen’s pole vault without any problems.
Afterwards he had a confused conversation with André Pops.
– I don’t understand, said Mondo suddenly.

Armand Duplantis has had a completely magical summer, where the WC gold in Budapest was of course the big highlight. Duplantis was unsure for a long time whether he could compete in this year’s Finnkampen, a competition he has not participated in since 2019.

Won easily

Duplantis has had problems with a thigh for the past few months, but when everything looked good during the examinations he had done, he went to Sweden just days after the win in the Diamond League competition in Zurich, and it went exactly as everyone had predicted.

230903 Armand Duplantis of Sweden during the Finnkampen Athletics Gala on September 3, 2023 in Stockholm. Photo: Maxim Thore / BILDBYRÅN

Duplantis jumped at 5.60 for the first time in the competition and already then secured the win and the maximum points in Finnkampen’s pole vault. Duplantis also tried to jump 6.01 – which would have meant a new record in the Finnkampen – but a tired Mondo, with three competitions in the last eight days, did not have the energy, and he had to settle for “just” winning the competition . The points were important as Finnkampen became a real thrill, but exactly how exciting it was perhaps Duplantis did not fully understand.

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The big confusion

After he competed, he was interviewed on SVT, which broadcast the competitions. Host André Pops asked Duplantis if he knew the overall standings, but Mondo replied that he was just focusing on his competition, and that he didn’t have a complete picture. He then turned to the scoreboard at Stockholm Stadium – but that variety to a great help.

– I don’t understand the scoreboard, what does it say?, said Mondo.

230902 TV host André Pops during the Finnkampen Athletics Gala on September 2, 2023 in Stockholm. Photo: Maxim Thore / BILDBYRÅN

André Pops then had to explain exactly how it was, and finally Mondo understood the situation.

– It’s even, now we’re driving, he said.

Armand Duplantis had to Expressen, afterwards, clarify that it had nothing to do with a lack of commitment.

– It’s not that I don’t care, because I really do, he tells the newspaper, with a laugh.

– But I’m all the way on the other side of the arena and the numbers are so small. You can’t see what it says. It’s not like a big scoreboard, so it’s hard to keep up. It should be bigger.

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