Arguments between streamers on Twitch are getting personal and ugly

A dispute between two gaming influencers has escalated in the USA. The Twitch streamers Asmongold and Kaceytron don’t like each other, and now there has been violent hostility. Kaceytron accused the successful streamer of indirectly causing his mother’s death. For Asmongold, the streamer is irrelevant and hateful.

How did the argument start?

The two streamers don’t like each other, that much is clear. Asmongold had commented critically on Twitch about “pro-Palestine” protests, in which people, like our “climate gluers”, block the street. For him this is nonsense, it only prevents workers from getting to work and does not change the political situation in the Middle East (via Twitter).

Kaceytron, taking a different position, tweeted on April 25:

Asmongold hates himself more than anyone else can hate him. That’s why he leads such a dirty lifestyle, even though he’s a multimillionaire. There is nothing you can say to this “disgusting man” that will make him change his dirty, hateful ways.

Asmongold is a “real stinker.”

She later said she had as much compassion for Asmongold as he had for the children being blown up in the Gaza Strip: None (via Twitter).

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What came back? Asmongold refused to accept that and called Kaceytron “fat” and that she was a woman who wasted her life smoking pot. If anyone stinks, it’s probably her.

You’re fat and you spend your life smoking weed and doing drugs

If anyone’s a stinker, it’s you

— Zack (@Asmongold) April 25, 2024

Kaceytron accuses Asmongold of indirectly causing his mother’s death

So the argument escalated: Kaceytron then said in a stream that Asmongold was indirectly responsible for his mother’s death because he let her continue to live in adverse circumstances despite her chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). As a multimillionaire, he should have used all his resources to help her.

She has far less money than him, but would take better care of her loved ones.

Where does this enormous hostility come from? Asmongold says Kaceytron’s hostility has nothing to do with him. This is a streamer who has been irrelevant for 10 years and was only successful back then because she held her breasts in the camera. She has now been replaced by younger women, like his ex-girlfriend Pink Sparkles, and is now irrelevant.

When Pink Sparkles overtook her on Twitch, Kaceytron became terribly jealous and accused her of using viewbots.

Asmongold and his then-girlfriend, Pink Sparkles.

Kaceytron is just trying to make money and stay relevant by hacking on people she hopes viewers will hate even more than Kaceytron herself.

Asmongold says he believes that bad things happen to people who say bad things. He waits for karma to strike.

Kaceytron, on the other hand, believes that Asmongold is jealous of her and has therefore been accusing her of a promiscuous lifestyle for years because she is in a happy relationship that he could never achieve. Women are only with him because they are interested in money and fame.

xQc gets involved and gets one too

How do others see it? The streamer xQc clearly sides with Asmongold. He says money gives freedom. And it is freedom to live the way you want. Why is Kaceytron even upset? She also has a lot of money and just decides to be overweight and smoke pot all day.

In return, xQc has to hear that he is a degenerate and a gambling addict. He also knows that others make much better content than him.


This is what lies behind it: It’s certainly partly a fight for attention, but this is also where people’s different lifestyles and perspectives are expressed, which are even more pronounced in the USA than here.

This is already a significant antipathy between the different poles and their views on what is right and what is wrong in relation to a wide variety of topics, from cannabis consumption to political protests.

The USA is divided and this is shown again and again in such feuds.

In addition, there are simply enormous rivalries and antipathies between gaming influencers that keep breaking out:

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