Are you parents? A box of the 2023 tax return must be checked carefully

Are you parents A box of the 2023 tax return

An often forgotten box on the tax return can allow you to obtain a tax reduction of 183 euros per child and per year.

You may not even suspect it, but a very specific box on the tax return can allow you to make significant savings. You have a child attending school college ? At high school ? Or in theeducation superior ? Bingo! You meet the criteria to benefit from a tax reduction. Please note that this reduction does not apply to children in kindergarten or primary school.

It does not take the age of the child either, but the type of establishment. Example: the parents of a child who repeats his class of CM2 will not be able to benefit from the tax reduction, despite his age, namely, that of a child of 6th. Conversely, a child who skips CM2 and ends up in 6th grade then enters the system. Now, how to inform the taxes of the schooling of your children and the inherent costs? What boxes should you remember to fill in on your tax return?

In reality, everything depends on the educational cycle. To declare your child’s college tuition fees, everything happens in the box 7EA indicating the number of dependent children in this situation (7EB if joint custody). Here, the fixed reduction applied is €61.50 per year and per child, an amount to be divided by two in the event of shared custody. If your child is in high school, the mechanics are the same, but in the box 7ECor 7ED for joint custody.

General, technological, professional and agricultural high schools are concerned. The amount of the flat-rate reduction is 153 euros per year and per child. Finally, the box 7EF concerns tuition fees for higher education (7EG if joint custody), for example, if your child is a first-year student of DUT in Business and Administration Management. Universities, BTS, IUT, preparatory classes, engineering or business schools are part of the system. Here, the fixed reduction is set at 183 euros per year and per child.