Apple, with Premier League claims, is making serious cinema plans

Apple with Premier League claims is making serious cinema plans

big today Premier League allegations raised applelooks like he’s making some cinematic plans for the future it seems.

According to the allegations made today appleThe English Premier League as well as other minor league matches administered by the English Football League. It is considering bidding for publishing rights based in the UK. The technology giant, which attaches great importance to the sports side through its TV+ service, has so far signed agreements with Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer in the USA and is also interested in purchasing an NBA broadcast package. The company last month Manchester United He was also on the agenda with the news that he was very eager to become the new owner of his club. for this purchase 5.8 billion pounds allegedly able to make a large payment of apple, through multiple sourcesthinks very seriously about this” he made a sound with his knowledge. It has been claimed that CEO Tim Cook also favored this purchase, Later, a very reliable source announced that the information that emerged was not true.


In the meantime, Apple is on the agenda with another important news today. taking. According to the reported news, the company has paid movie expenses for the Apple TV+ service. to $1 billion annually and these movies are worldwide to be screened in different cinemas plans. This is a really big claim, and if it becomes true, it could further increase the reach of both the company and TV+. Apple, which had some movies in the cinema before, but did this for short periods of time, wants to make a real long-term cinema screening in the new period. The TV+ service, which has never been opened in Turkey, lags behind its competitors such as Netflix, HBO and Disney+, but it still knows how to attract attention with very solid content.