Apple will come up with a new iMac before the end of the year

Apple will come up with a new iMac before the

According to solid source Mark Gurman, Apple will have a new one before the year is out. iMac model seems to be coming. apple, It doesn’t outshine the iMac.

New 24-inch iMac modelAs Mark Gurman has now explained much more clearly, it will appear before the end of 2023. A 27-inch or 32-inch iMac / iMac Pro model will not be introduced, although the all-in-one computer, which is likely to be introduced in September or at WWDC 2024, is in high demand. While it is reported that Apple has brought the new 24-inch iMac closer to production, its design will not change and the model will have many color options, not the M2. M3 the processor will be used. Apple signed M3 processor TSMC’s exit from the 3 nm manufacturing process and it is expected to bring a serious performance increase compared to the M2. M3 The chip is also expected to be used in the new 15-inch MacBook Air, which is said to launch in the second half of 2023, and in future versions of the 13-inch MacBook Air and Mac mini in 2024. Currently used M2 processors, It builds on TSMC’s second generation 5 nm manufacturing process.


Of course, other Mac computer models will come from Apple. The most notable of these models next generation Mac Pro will be. It is still unknown when the product will be introduced exactly, but it has now come to an end for the device. computer for professionals, It’s exactly the same design as the current Mac Pro, according to Mark Gurman.. So it will be bigger than expected. “Pro”, Despite this large body, due to the working logic of Apple Silicon processors Won’t allow RAM increase. However, it seems that the SSD increase, different network hardware and different GPU options will be offered for the model. The remarkable computer model was previously “M2 Ultra” And “M2 ExtremeIt was said that it will come to the market with processors named ”. Gurman last week due to some cost and production difficulties. “M2 Extreme” stated that the processor was shelved. in one of the processors 24-core CPU, 76-core GPU and at the top 256GB RAM If it is the most powerful processor option in the family, 48-core CPU, 152-core GPU and at the top 256GB RAMIt was said that he could bring them together.