Apple went to update on its official website

Apple went to update on its official website

apple, went to update on the official website. This update is available on both mobile and desktop carried out.

tech giant apple Overall, the design update was not overly large. The company has only transformed the menus at the top of the desktop site into a drop-down structure. These menus, which seriously improve usabilityprovides faster access to the sought-after products. For example, all current iPhone models sold under the iPhone menu are linked to iPhone purchase links and iPhones. iOS, iCloud And Siri links are listed. The company lists all services available in Turkey under the entertainment menu. While the menus you can see in the image above appear in the Store section, On mobile, the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the official site is now more prominent.. When this is pressed, all product categories are opened as full screen.


The company had previously come to the fore with its last quarter results. apple, in the previous quarter left for him $90 billion revenue And $20 billion net profit had achieved. In the last quarter, the details of which were given in the past days, the company was fully $117 billion revenue with $30 billion net profit explained. While these figures, which were achieved in only three months, were breathtaking once again, the company was able to leave all its competitors behind in the field with the results obtained. Despite the economic conditions that started after the pandemic, other negativities and deteriorated / costly supply lines, the company left behind another good quarter. tech giant Appleon the fact that the most income will not be a surprise, again Obtained via iPhones. As in the previous quarter, the second area where the company earns the most money services it happened.