Apple Vision Pro: the first users are already returning the headset to stores

Apple Vision Pro the first users are already returning the

Despite several excellent feedback from early users, the Apple Vision Pro headset seems not to capture the hearts of the general public.

The Apple Vision Pro for sale second-hand? This already seems to be a reality. For several days, X (formally Twitter) has reported several posts from users unhappy with their Vision Pro. Some go so far as to resell the headset on private sales platforms or even bring it back to an Apple Store.

Many users, however, seem to agree on one point: the Apple Vision Pro is a technological feat. You just have to read the few reviews from the specialist press to have proof: Apple’s headset has excellent components and shines on the technological side.

However, not everything is so perfect in Apple’s space computer. The majority of dissatisfied users point out the lack of comfort provided by the headset. The latter, particularly heavy and restrictive, would give serious headaches after a few minutes of use.

Other users, if they do not feel any discomfort when using the headset, argue that the latter does not have any real arguments to make it a device to be used regularly. The Apple Vision Pro would, for them, be just a simple augmented reality headset that we take out from time to time for the “wow” effect, and not for productivity or long-term entertainment.