Apple Vision Pro may become a must for many surgeries

Apple Vision Pro has started to enter operating rooms

Currently sold only in the United States AppleVision Pro It can become an indispensable part of many surgeries.

AppleVision Pro currently for 256GB in the US $3,499for 512GB $3,699full for 1 TB internal storage $3,899 is sold at a price. Institutions as well as individuals are interested in the popular product, for example, the healthcare chain Sharp HealthCare, based in San Diego, which has more than one hospital. It is known that he bought 30 Vision Pros worth 100 thousand dollars. The purpose of this purchase is explained as researching how the product can be used in healthcare, among those who think Vision Pro-centered. anesthesiologists can monitor the patient’s vital functions in real time Developing a method for target is also included. As far as it came to the fore recently, the product is no longer in surgical operations The operating room is also used by the nurses in charge and some doctors. with Vision Pro Hospitals aiming to minimize human-caused errorswants to make sure the right tools are used with the product at the right time. According to a recent news, Vision Pro was also used in a shoulder replacement surgery. And Provided great convenience to doctors. Vision Pro provides quick access to many surgical procedures, inventories and procedure manuals without disturbing the sterile condition of the operating room during the operation. Vision Pro, which enables doctors to access data and visualized content that they have never been able to access before during surgery, has already proven itself in increasing efficiency. case.


Vision Pro was highlighted directly by Apple regarding health last month.. Here The technology giant, which officially shared a content, “Vision Pro unlocks new opportunities for healthcare app developers” In its title, it reveals the use of the device in the field and some health-oriented applications. “Apps like Visage Ease VP, designed for Vision Pro, are transforming healthcare in areas such as clinical training, surgical planning, education, medical imaging and behavioral health.” The technology giant states that Vision Pro establishes the future of the healthcare industry in matters such as visualization and real-time information retrieval.