Apple signed an agreement with Shutterstock for artificial intelligence training

Apple signed an agreement with Shutterstock for artificial intelligence training

Technology giant Apple, according to information released today, for artificial intelligence training Shutterstock great deal with signed.

According to Reuters news apple, to train your own AI language model or large language models (LLM) Shutterstock within (In this process, Meta, Google and Amazon also signed an agreement with Shutterstock.) uses photos. The technology giant, which wants to carry out the LLM education process in accordance with the rules / laws, is the first name that comes to mind when it comes to stock photography. Shutterstock signed an agreement worth probably between 25 and 50 million dollars with This is not new, he did this at the beginning of 2023. He has previously signed agreements with some news sites to use them in LLM education. apple, For the artificial intelligence infrastructure of iPhones Google And OpenAI continue to meet with does. In this process, the name mentioned specifically for China is baidu. The technology giant will introduce at WWDC24 iOS 18 operating system will put productive artificial intelligence at its center and as reported by Mark Gurman, there is currently Google There are active negotiations with the parties. According to recent allegations, the company is using Google’s Gemini to power the productive artificial intelligence features of iPhones.LLM and chat bot infrastructure available in different versions) is making plans to use it.


The company reportedly also sat down with OpenAI, which developed ChatGPT, during the process. According to the latest information, it continues to negotiate with Google and OpenAI, so a final decision has not been made for the process yet. In order not to be too late in the field, the company seems to sign a billion-dollar agreement with one or both of the two biggest names in the artificial intelligence field. It seems that the artificial intelligence infrastructure of iOS 18 in China will be entrusted to Baidu.

It is reported by more than one source that very serious discussions are taking place on this subject, and that Apple, Google or OpenAI, i.e. Since it is not possible to use the systems prepared by US companies in China The Baidu rumors seem quite possible. Baidu, known as China’s Google, has been working on artificial intelligence and LLM (Large Language Model) for a long time, and the company even has a productive artificial intelligence-based chat bot (like ChatGPT).named Ernie Bot) is located.