Apple officially introduced iOS 18! ChatGPT is coming to iPhones: Here are the new features coming to iPhones

Apple officially introduced iOS 18 ChatGPT is coming to iPhones

iOS 18, the new version of iOS, the operating version of iPhones, has been introduced. The version will go down as one of the biggest updates in the history of iPhones.

The dark theme will now also be applied to application logos. Users will be able to use the logos of the applications in dark mode. The Control Center will undergo a design change after many years. New controls, media player and colors will come with iOS 18.


Applications can be locked with biometric identification methods such as Face ID, providing a more secure experience. With this protection method, information from places such as search and Siri will be hidden.

Screenshot 2024-06-10 211624

With iOS 18, users will have the opportunity to categorize emails from the Mail application. Among these categories, priority, advertising, etc. There will be email types.

Screenshot 2024-06-10 211629

Photos will get the app’s biggest design change yet. For example, we will now see a section with photos at the top. Below there will be a photo library organized by theme.

Apart from this, it will also have features such as separation by days. For example, a special section will be added for recently taken photos. Or you will be able to change the days and look at the photos by swiping the screen.

Changes were also made on the messages side. Now users will be able to react with the emoji they want. In addition, it will be possible to send future messages. Additionally, new effects are added to texts and sending and receiving messages via satellite connection is now available.


On the other hand, Apple officially announced its partnership with OpenAI. ChatGPT will be integrated into iPhone.This content was published by Metin Yamaner

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