Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Devices coming to Windows

Apple Music Apple TV and Apple Devices coming to Windows

As far as officially announced, Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Devices software are being released for Windows.

Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Devices software designed separately for Windows are being released, and the iCloud application for Windows is also being renewed for a better user experience. Apple, which now attaches more importance to the Windows side than ever before, It essentially dismantles iTunes for Windows with three new pieces of software. Of course, this is not a sad step because iTunes software is not popular even on the Mac platform, let alone the Windows side. new software Windows 10 And Windows 11 With its Apple Devices application, Apple allows PC owners to update, backup, restore, manage and sync content from their computers to their iPhones and iPads. Apple Music and Apple TV, as their names say, focus on music and TV / movie content.


Microsoft And Apple It has been taking good steps as a partner lately. For example, recently, another useful feature that brought the two giants together began to be made available. In this context, iCloud photo archives were directly integrated into the Windows 11 operating system. Thanks to this support, people iCloud The photos in Windows 11’s built-in “Photos” can be accessed through the application.

In this way, there is no need to access via browser or a separate application, the process will be much more effective this way. For people who own an iPhone but use a Windows PC (The number is incredibly high.) This very useful step is generally received very positively. Such integrations between ecosystems are always welcomed because they make users’ lives easier.