Apple may use graphene for heat in iPhone 16 series

Update coming Apple acknowledged the heating problem in iPhone 15

The heating problem of the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max models has made a lot of noise in the past weeks. Today is about heat iPhone 16 series brought to the agenda came.

iPhone 15 Pro with the very powerful A17 Pro processor from the 3 nm production process And 15 Pro Max The high temperature seen in the models was resolved with a sent update. Focusing specifically on high heat iOS 17.0.3 Apple for the update, “This update delivers important bug fixes, security updates, and Resolves an issue that causes iPhone to run hotter than expected.He passed his explanation. There was also an official statement from Apple on this annoying issue before the update, and the company said the following: “iPhone is better than expected We’ve identified a few conditions that could cause it to run hotter. During the first few days after setting up or restoring the device, the device may feel warmer due to increased background activity. Moreover We found a bug affecting some users in iOS 17 And This bug will be fixed with a software update. Another problem is related to some updates that cause third-party applications to overload the system. We are working on fixes together with the developers of these applications. “The heating problem has nothing to do with the titanium body.”


Today, as we said above, the iPhone 16 series came to the fore regarding heat. According to a claim, Apple has made a device for the phones in order to avoid high temperature problems in the iPhone 16 series. develops graphene-based cooling infrastructure. There are no detailed details on this issue yet and the company has no information regarding heat. It is also said that he plans to wrap the battery with a metal protection. Apple, which aims to dissipate the heat generated in the processor and in general inside more quickly with graphene, will not break any new ground in this regard. Reportedly, Google uses a similar cooling solution in the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro it introduced to the market.