Apple Makes It Easier to Switch From Google Photos to iCloud

Apple Makes It Easier to Switch From Google Photos to

Technology giant Apple and internet giant Google has developed an infrastructure that will make it easier to switch from Google Photos to iCloud Photos prepared.

Apple and Google have created a new process that will allow users to transfer their Google Photos library directly into iCloud Photos. The infrastructure, which will be generally available next week, looks to be quite useful. So how exactly will this new process work? Apple’s on this issue, “Transfer your photos and videos from Google Photos to iCloud Photos” The basic steps he conveyed under the title are as follows: It happened:
1) Go to: Google Takeout
2) Follow the instructions to start the export process from Google Photos.
3) Select “Apple – iCloud Photos” as the transfer destination and sign in with your Apple ID.
4) Tap Allow to share permission with Google to add photos and videos to iCloud.
You can check the status of your transfer or cancel your transfer on Apple’s Data & Privacy page. When you initiate a transfer and when it’s complete, Apple sends email notifications to the email addresses associated with your Apple ID account.


The tech giant also provided the following information about this beneficial transfer process:

-When you import photos and videos to iCloud Photos, they will not be deleted from Google Photos.
-You don’t need to download your photos or videos to transfer them. The transfer happens directly from Google to iCloud.
-Depending on the size of the transferred photos and videos, the transfer process may take from a few hours to a few days.