Apple keeps different “robot” ideas on the table for its distant future

Apple keeps different robot ideas on the table for its

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the technology giant Appleis actively keeping different “robot” ideas on the table for the distant future.

Apple, which canceled the automobile project in which it made huge investments in the past months, is looking for its next big project. In this context, the company is working on different robots for its future. It is said that there are different options behind these robot plans, which are currently in a very, very early stage. For example It is said that a robot resembling Astro developed by Amazon is intended for home use and can follow people inside the house.. A desktop robotic system that can also move its screen is also among the future ideas. It is located. Mark Gurman, Apple executives in meetings within the company ‘humanoid robot’ He states that he even brought up the idea. Apple needs a very good “artificial intelligence” system for its robot projects. The technology giant, which will present the productive artificial intelligence systems it has developed for iOS, macOS and more as part of WWDC24 to be held tomorrow evening, has been investing very seriously in this field for about two years.


Of course, Apple has other future plans. Again, according to Gurman, the company is working on an augmented reality headset as small as normal glasses. There is also an AirPods Pro with a camera on the table.. It is reported that this product can see the environment through cameras and provide people with information on different subjects. Apple needs a very strong artificial intelligence system for these products.