“Apple is working to open the doors of iPhone”

Apple is working to open the doors of iPhone

European Union, It draws new lines for technology companies with the Digital Markets Act, so Apple is carrying out studies.

European Union, adopted last year Digital Markets Act (DMA) antitrust in the field of technology with its legislation and European-centered Aims to create a solid antitrust foundation. To all the details Here The Digital Markets Act, which we include, applies to devices such as smartphones. Using third party application markets It opens a locked door for you. That’s why Apple will use the iOS operating system in the coming period. Application markets other than App Store And It will have to allow installation of applications from outside the App Store. According to the newly provided information, the company continues to actively work on this issue, and the codes and details indicating this are available. iOS 17.2 update appears in beta test versions being transferred. Thanks to this step, which may be exclusive to Europe but is not certain, the doors of iPhone and iPad will be opened to everyone. No need for App Store will get up. It is known that he devoted a large workforce to make this plan a reality. apple, As far as we heard before, some of his employees are not happy about this.


Apple still restricts non-App Store downloads argues that consumers may introduce unsafe applications to their devices and harm privacy. However, the company must comply with the law in order to continue selling in Europe, and that is why a huge ecosystem change is on the way.

iOS ecosystem finally Android although not as much “opening” It is reported that Apple is planning very serious security measures for this new infrastructure and that applications coming from outside the App Store will have to meet many mandatory requirements.

Same way Alternative application markets to the App Store It is among the information received that very strict requirements will be applied to the market and that Apple wants to make money from these markets.