Apple is having difficulty integrating MagSafe technology into its future iPad Pros

Apple is having difficulty integrating MagSafe technology into its future

What does Apple have in store for us in terms of iPad Pro for the year 2022? Maybe a model with MagSafe wireless charging. According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the machine was planned for the end of 2021, but the manufacturer seems not to have solved the problems with the back of the tablet, which is currently made of aluminum. Indeed, this material is not suitable for wireless charging.

Thus, sources close to Apple have disclosed to our colleagues at 9To5Mac that the manufacturer would initially have considered making an all-glass back, as for the iPhone. But he would have abandoned the idea because of the fragility that ensues. According to the sources, the new lead would be to put glass at the level of the apple-shaped logo and make it larger, like on the new MacBook Pros, to provide more surface area. Apple would have developed prototypes in this direction, also with large magnets to ensure better robustness and prevent accidental detachment. Also, the device would allow faster charging than MagSafe technology for iPhone.

According to our colleagues, the 2022 vintage of the Apple tablet should switch from the SoC M1 to a new chip. Rumors mention the future SoC M2, which will also be used on a new version of the MacBook Air laptop.

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The iPad Pro is also said to have a camera module similar to that of the iPhone 13, as well as a larger capacity battery. The latter would, among other things, respond to the criticisms of some users of the Magic Keyboard, who believe that the keyboard, which does not have its own battery, is very energy intensive. Finally, sources close to Apple mention the existence of prototypes of the iPad Pro with screens larger than 12.9 inches.

The new iPad Pro is expected to be announced in the first half of 2022.

Source : 9TB5Mac