Apple iPhone 14 passed the endurance test with the highest marks

iPhone 14 finally in the hands of users and Zach also known as JerryRigEverythingis here to test its durability with its usual tests like scratching, burning and bending. The design of the 14 is mostly last year’s with some improvement on the hardware side. iPhone 13It is transmitted from. One major hardware difference is that Apple now makes it easier to remove the rear glass and repair costs are significantly lower.

As usual, durability tests begin with a screen scratch test that reveals minor scratches at level 6 on the Mohs hardness scale and deeper scratches at level 7. The aluminum edges manage a few sharp encounters with a blade that bring out their true color in this Midnight Black colour. review unit iPhone 14The rear cameras in ‘ are listed as having sapphire crystal lens caps, but the scratch test reveals that’s not the case as marks begin to appear at level 6.

Prolonged screen burn-in test results in a few dead pixels that do not improve as expected. Bending testing is reserved for last, and the iPhone 14 shows no signs of flexing under pressure.

You can watch the whole test in the video below.