Apple faces a privacy-focused lawsuit abroad

Apple faces a privacy focused lawsuit abroad

tech giant apple, facing a privacy-focused lawsuit abroad. The company seems to be collecting user data without permission it seems.

a new iPhone when you purchase and go through the installation phase apple is asking you a question. In this question, the company asks you to send the iPhone’s analytics data to it. If you answer yes to this question, a lot of the information on the phone goes to Apple in real time, the company looks at them and solves problems or Updating the iOS operating system. If you do not accept this, your data remains on the phone. At least, this is how it was thought until now. Because a security survey, “no” Despite his answer, he found that a significant amount of data was sent from the iPhone to Apple. Just above that The technology giant company, which attaches great importance to privacy, was sued.

According to the claim of security researcher Tommy Mysk, the question asked in the sent data is the user’s question. “Yeah” or “no” There is no difference between the selection. So whether you want it or not, the data collected from the devices goes to Apple. Among them It is reported that every single touch is included in the App Store.

After the US-based lawsuit filed in this context, Apple is expected to receive a serious financial penalty. It is thought that the company will come to an agreement on the basis of past experiences within the scope of this lawsuit. One person behind the process said, “Apple’s privacy-focused promises are completely misleading” says. You know Apple constantly It makes statements and advertisements that highlight how secret iPhones are.


The tech giant frequently comes to the fore on legal issues. For example, the firm Apple Pay It was claimed that he violated US antitrust law by leaving the system only for his own devices, and a legal step was taken for this. There is one more level to this legal step. Apple receives a share from credit card companies for every payment and thanks to these It is claimed to make $1 billion in illegal profits annually.

According to the statement, Google does not receive such a share from credit card companies on the Android side. Previously sued over antitrust complaints but basically Technology giant Apple, which does not force anyone to buy its own productsWe will see together what the outcome will be this time.