Apple discontinues “FineWoven” accessories

FineWoven Micro Woven iPhone 15 cases are still on

According to a source, FineWoven or in Turkish name Micro Weaving It may be the end of the road for accessories.

If you haven’t seen it, the FineWoven / Micro Woven cases and other accessories of the iPhone 15 family did not receive good feedback. One user commented on the new cases, “Feels more like a cheap $10 case from Amazon than Apple quality” he commented. Most people return it soon after receiving it. FineWoven / Micro Woven covers About The Verge’s Alison Johnson: “really bad” and took his statement one step further, “FineWoven” accessory seriesCategorically awfulHe defined it with the sentence: About the covers, one person said, “It felt cheap, almost like cardboard” he commented. Even though a long time has passed, criticisms about the covers still continue to come. Because the cases of those who used them without returning them have become really messed up at the last stage. Even in the past months Amazon He even had to make a warning about this. Products sales page “Frequently returned product” The shopping giant added the phrase: In this way, it warned users without giving any technical details. There is a claim that has brought these products to the agenda now, according to a source who has previously given accurate information. Apple FineWoven It put an end to its accessory adventure and stopped its production. It is said that the company will switch to a more durable material for the future, if this is true it really makes sense. stands.


This device became available via phones on September 22. About the new environmentally friendly cases that replaced the old leather cases Apple Türkiye He stated the following: “Made from durable micro-fabric, the material feels soft like suede. Micro Woven material was designed with the earth in mind. It is made from 68% post-use recycled content, significantly reducing carbon emissions compared to leather.

The case snaps into place quickly and fits your iPhone perfectly without adding extra thickness.” About these cases There was also an important warning from Apple: “Micro Woven material can wear out over time. Slight marks may remain after contact with MagSafe accessories. If you are concerned about this issue, we recommend using a Silicone Case or Clear Case for iPhone 15 Pro.”