Apple Combines Books With Artificial Intelligence!

Apple Combines Books With Artificial Intelligence

Apple, one of the biggest technology brands of today, launched the audiobook feature with artificial intelligence. Apple will voice every book in Apple Books.

With the development of technology, artificial intelligence has become well established in our lives. Artificial intelligence, which appears as an assistant, especially on smartphones, has gradually started to be included in the applications we use. Apple will receive support from artificial intelligence to increase the number of audiobooks in its store.

Independent authors and publishers who publish books on Apple Books can now turn their projects into audiobooks much more easily. The company will allow written books to be converted into audio form and made available on the Apple Books Store through its artificial intelligence voice synthesis model.

While certain books have audio narration feature for now, all books in Apple Books will gradually have audio narration feature. His books of love and fiction “Madison” and “Jackson” while vocalizing, personal development books “Helena” and “Mitchell‘ will sing.

Apple Books will only be available for English books. Even if the books are not written in English, English support should be included. It remains unclear whether Turkish or other languages ​​will gain artificial intelligence voice support.

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