Apple CEO Tim Cook’s 2022 earnings revealed

Apple CEO Tim Cooks 2022 earnings revealed

tech giant applerevealing how much CEO Tim Cook is making in 2022 via SEC notice laid down.

The one who took the flag from the legendary name Steve Jobs and made Apple an incredibly successful company. Tim Cook, total in 2021 It had a revenue of 98.7 million dollars. According to the statement made by Apple, Tim Cook’s annual salary is around 3 million dollars. Tim Cook generates the most revenue from Apple stocks, and it will be in 2021. More than $82 million being transferred. Cook’s also security etc. It also has extra payments on issues such as: So how much did Tim Cook earn in 2022? According to the data, Cook covers the year 2022, which we left behind, in total. $99.4 million revenue closed with.

Salary is still annual 3 million dollars Cook, which is at the level of 83 million dollars and other items up to $13.4 million earned income. According to the statement Cook’s income in 2023 will be much lower than in 2022. In light of shareholder feedback and Cook’s own statement, revenue in 2023 will be approximately 40 percent less than in 2022. This year of Cook $49 million It is expected to close with total revenue.


Tim Cook under the management apple became bigger than ever before. In the previous quarter, the tech giant left behind for itself $83 billion revenue and $19.4 billion net profit had achieved. In the last quarter of 2022, the company $90.1 billion revenue and $20.7 billion net profit explained. While these figures, which were achieved in just three months, were breathtaking once again, the company was able to leave all its competitors behind with these results. Despite the economic conditions that started after the pandemic, other negativities and deteriorated / costly supply lines, the company left behind another good quarter. tech giant Applethe highest income again Obtained via iPhones.