Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about X and Vision Pro

CEO Tim Cook talked about Apple Vision Pro

Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about Elon Musk’s X (Twitter) platform and Vision Pro in an interview. spoke.

Apple CEO Tim CookIn a new interview with CBS Sunday Morning, he said that there were things he did not like about the X (Formerly Twitter) platform owned by Elon Musk and platform’s problem of antisemitismdisgusting” he described. However, Cook stated that he loved being on the platform and also talked about the mixed reality headset Vision Pro, which is on the way. He announced that the device will arrive at the beginning of 2024 as promised. With this statement, there were some production problems specific to the device and shelving the claims that this would delay the release, Cook said in the interview: He also said that he watched the entire third season of Ted Lasso on Vision Pro. Tim Cook, Vision Pro He’s talked about it before. He made a statement within the scope of the latest quarterly meetings and said about the device: “I use the product every day” Cook also said the following about the very intriguing model: he said: “There is a lot of excitement for Vision Pro. We are also very excited about the product within the company. The press, analysts and developers were very impressed with the product. We are currently sending out samples to the developer community so they can start working on their apps. And we hope to ship early next year. “We couldn’t be more excited about this.” Cook also said during his CBS Sunday interview: He wants Apple to show that being carbon neutral can be profitable and said he hopes other companies will copy it.