Apple Beats Solo 4 wireless headphones coming soon

Apple Beats Solo 4 wireless headphones coming soon

Technology giant Apple, Beats Solo 4 is preparing to introduce its wireless headset. The product found itself on the FCC today. showed.

Apple-signed version found in the iOS 17.4 “RC” version released in recent months. Beats Solo 4, It’s very close because the FCC started registering today. The product, which has a very standard design in its head-top form, is currently available in three different colors. Solo 4, which has been made closer to Solo 3, is still not technically detailed. It is reported that the model only supports spatial audio, and the product, which is thought to carry USB-C, is expected to significantly increase the sound quality. Apple is also doing other work. As we learned in the past weeks, Apple is making plans for a smart ring that will allow users to constantly monitor their health data. The last reliable source for Apple who brought this product to the agenda was Mark Gurman, and Gurman said that the company is an AirPods with a camera such as Echo Frames by Amazon or Ray-Ban by Meta He also stated that he was making plans for a smart glasses..


Here, AirPods with cameras especially attract attention, It is claimed that the product will see the environment and offer different artificial intelligence features.. These camera-equipped AirPods, which are thought to provide information about the objects / people / buildings they look at through the camera, are currently in a trial state and are not expected to be released soon, according to Gurman. If you don’t know, Apple is thought to prepare the glasses on this basis. Recently, it has been making huge investments in productive artificial intelligence.