Apple announces the release date and price of its Vision Pro headset in France

Apple announces the release date and price of its Vision

After numerous rumors, the Apple Vision Pro is now announced in France on July 12, 2024. Be careful, its price is increasing and reaches 3,999 euros.

You have probably already seen it in videos that have gone viral on social networks but also in the news. The Apple Vision Pro, this augmented reality headset boosted by revolutionary technology, is arriving very soon in Europe. Apple has just announced the release of its Vision Pro in France on July 12, 2024 a little more than four months after its initial release in the United States, on February 2, 2024. Regarding its price, the headset will be sold at 3,999 euros in partner stores.

Rumors about the Apple Vision Pro have been rife in recent weeks. Recent statements by financial analyst Ming-Chi Kuo on the social network notably part of France. The analyst’s statements turned out to be true since the Apple Vision Pro is finally available for sale in France since the announcement of its official release during the keynote on June 10, 2024.

In addition to its impressive features, the Apple Vision Pro was also shocked by its price when it was released in the United States. For those who want to snap it up when it is released in France, you will have to pay less than 3,999 euros according to our colleagues from Le Parisien. A price revised upwards compared to the United States where the Apple Vision Pro has been offered at $3,500 since its release, but which makes sense following the various European taxes. You will also have a pre-order window starting June 26, 2024.

Unveiled just a year ago during its WWDC in June 2023, the Apple Vision Pro has been at the heart of Apple’s communication for several months. With this headset it is possible to enjoy new experiences in entertainment, work and even connectivity. More concretely, thanks to the Vision Pro, you can work from home while cooking, watch a film on the sofa without moving or make video calls from any location.

Despite all the experiences offered, the Apple Vision Pro has had difficulty establishing itself and convincing high-tech enthusiasts since its release in the United States. In just a few hours, the object was subject to numerous criticisms. The fault lies in its design considered too imposing and its lack of finishing. Will Apple be able to save sales of its Vision Pro by opening it to the European market? We will follow this closely and will not fail to keep you informed of the latest news on this subject.