Anti-Islamic leader praised – two suspected

Anti Islamic leader praised two suspected

Published: Less than 40 minutes ago

full-screen police on the spot on the E6 at Mortensrud outside Oslo after the car with Sian’s leader was hit by the road last Saturday. Photo: Annika Byrde / NTB / TT

Two women are suspected of having been involved in pulling a car with the leader of the anti-Islamic group Stop the Islamization of Norway (Sian), Lars Thorsen, off the road, reports VG.

The incident caused the car to overturn on the motorway outside Oslo on Saturday and the women are suspected of causing serious bodily injury.

A video from the scene shows the car driving on the other car several times shortly after Sian had burned a Koran at an intersection. The women, one who was driving the car and one passenger, had been at the scene of the Koran burning and then followed the Sian car.

Five people were traveling in the car at the time. One was taken to hospital but no one was seriously injured.