Another powerful Russian dead – fell down the stairs

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February 25: St. Petersburg – Aleksandr Tyuljakov, head of finance and security at Gazprom, is found dead in his home.

March 24: Nizhny Novgorod – billionaire Vasily Melnikov, head of the Medstom company, is found dead in his home with his wife and the couple’s two sons.

April 18: Moscow – oligarch Vladislav Avayev is found dead in his home. Next to him, his wife and teenage daughter are found shot to death. Avajev was previously vice chairman of Gazprombank.

April 19: Lloret de Mar – oligarch Sergej Protosenja is found dead in his villa in Spain with his wife and daughter.

May 2: Sochi – Andrei Krukovsky, manager of the Krasnaya Polyana ski resort in Sochi, falls from a cliff and dies during a hiking trip. The ski resort is owned by Gazprom.

May 9: Mytishchi – the former head of Lukoil, Aleksandr Subbotin, dies in connection with a visit to a shaman.

June 20: Moscow – Vadim Zimin is found shot in his home. Zimin has a background in the Russian Armed Forces and used to carry, among other things, the briefcase containing Putin’s nuclear weapons codes. Zimin ended up in a coma as a result of his injuries.

July 5: St. Petersburg – multimillionaire Yuri Voronov is found shot to death in his swimming pool. Through his transport company, Voronov had strong connections to Gazprom.

September 1: Moscow – Ravil Maganov, chairman of the energy company Lukoil, falls from a sixth-floor window of a hospital.

Sources: EPN, BBC, Newsweek