Another periscope camera detail has arrived for the iPhone 16 Pro series.

Another periscope camera detail has arrived for the iPhone 16

It will be launched in September 2023 and will consist of four models. iPhone 15 with his family iPhone 16 information for the series is coming.

iPhone 15 top of the family iPhone 15 Pro Max or allegedly alias iPhone 15 UltraUnlike the iPhone 15 Pro, it will have a periscope camera. who will use this technology for the first time apple, earlier 2024 will be introduced in iPhone 16 to both high-end models of the series. periscope camera It was said to put. However, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated that this is not the case after his industry analysis. stated. According to Kuo In the iPhone 16 series, only the top model will have a periscope camera.. Apple, who wants to separate the differences between the phones, looks at this information. It will also make it mandatory to pay extra for high quality high zoom in 2024. Periscope camera systems, which come into our lives because there is no room in the phones, enable high zoom on thin phones with side-positioned optics and mirrors, and have been actively used on the Android side for a very, very long time. It is still not clear what is behind Apple’s entry to this side too late.


For the iPhone 16 series, a previous one Dynamic Island the news made a sound. You know, since the iPhone X, iPhones have a screen notch. The screen hole where he put the first update on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. Dynamic Island performing with appleaccording to new information Dynamic Island 2024 will come in iPhone 16 Pro will be completely eliminated with the series. If that’s true, the 16 Pros’ Face ID is powering the facial recognition system. The sensors of the TrueDepth camera system will be placed under the screen..

However, it is reported that Apple will continue to use a small screen hole for the selfie camera. It is said that Apple plans to offer the truly full-screen experience only with the upcoming iPhone 18s in 2026. If this is true, the selfie camera of the iPhone 18s will be directly under the screen. Apple is not in a hurry because under-screen selfie cameras still can’t offer a high photo quality.