Another accident of the cargo ship that destroyed the bridge in Baltimore has been revealed!

Another accident of the cargo ship that destroyed the bridge

The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, eastern USA, collapsed after being hit by a large ship. After the impact, a fire broke out on the ship. While a part of the approximately 2.57 kilometer long bridge collapsed as a result of the impact, many vehicles on the bridge fell into the waters of the Patapsco River during the impact.


It was determined that the cargo ship named Dali, which crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge and collapsed, had been involved in an accident before. Officials from the Port of Antwerp in Belgium stated that the ship crashed into a dock while trying to leave the container terminal on July 11, 2016.

While authorities did not provide information about the cause of the accident, they said that the ship remained in the port for repairs for a while after the incident.


US President Joe Biden made statements at the White House regarding the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, which collapsed after being hit by a cargo ship. Biden said there was no indication that the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge was the result of a deliberate act and promised a large-scale response from the federal government.

Stating that he passed over the Francis Scott Key Bridge “many times” while traveling between Washington DC and Delaware, Biden said, “My intention is for the federal government to cover the entire cost of the reconstruction of this bridge. I expect Congress to support this effort. This will take some time.”

Responding to a reporter asking whether the company that owns the ship that crashed into the bridge and caused its collapse should pay for the reconstruction of the bridge, Biden said, “We will not wait for that to happen.” “I have instructed my team to do everything they can to reopen the port and rebuild the bridge as quickly as possible,” Biden said.



Answering a question about whether he was planning to visit Baltimore, Biden said, “I am planning to, as soon as I can.”
Biden also stated that the number of missing people is 6 and that the number may change.


On the other hand, Maryland Governor Wes Moore announced that he declared a state of emergency. In his statement on his X account, Moore stated that they were in communication with US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Baltimore Mayor Brandon M. Scott. Baltimore Police Chief Richard Worley also stated at the press conference that there was no evidence that the accident that caused the collapse of the bridge was intentional. “There is absolutely no indication that this was done deliberately and that it was an act of terrorism,” Worley said. he said. In the statement made on FBI Baltimore’s X account, it was stated that FBI personnel were at the scene. (AA-IHA)

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