Anna Kinberg Batra’s crisis management: “A deterrent example”

There has been quite a storm around Anna Kinberg Batra after the recent revelations about the recruitment within the County Administrative Board.
Now her crisis management is receiving sharp criticism.
– Surreal fuss about whether the ad is a piece of paper or an ad, says Paul Ronge, PR expert.

After the recent revelations that Anna Kinberg Batra advertised a position via a note at the reception, which later went to her friend, the governor’s crisis management has been a fact – and it has its flaws according to PR expert Paul Ronge.

– If you have stepped on the piano, you should not continue to step and if you have nothing to say, you should be silent.

Directs criticism towards interview

Last Tuesday, Anna Kinberg Batra was pressed in an interview in Efter fem. An interview in which the governor undeniably failed to handle the crisis according to the PR expert.

– If she had stayed there, her situation would have been much better. Because then she made a real prayer. Now it becomes an almost surreal fight whether the ad is a piece of paper or an ad, says Paul Ronge.

Furthermore, he believes that the interview will live on as an example of poor crisis management.

– This will waltz around among media trainers as a deterrent example. She is devastatingly bad in that interview.

Anna Kinberg Batra’s future

In a series of articles, TV4 Nyheterna has also been able to reveal that there is great internal dissatisfaction at the county board, and at the union. In order to remain in the position of governor, a number of measures are required, says Paul Ronge.

– Her biggest and best chance is that she keeps her mouth shut. Completely in the near term. Don’t make any more statements and concentrate on talking to the union, says Paul Ronge and continues:

– It is up to her to bring out the dissatisfaction that exists and try to solve it. And be humble. She must be extremely humble internally because it is rocking under her feet.

“Balancing on a knife’s edge”

Even if Anna Kinberg Batra takes these steps, she has a big uphill battle according to Paul Ronge.

– Now I think she is probably trying, because now I think she realizes the seriousness. But it’s about time, it’s very late. I wouldn’t venture to guess if she can pull this off. She balances on a knife edge.

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This is how the expert on Anna Kinberg Batra sees the future

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