Anker takes positive strides in ‘Eufy’ camera privacy event

Anker takes positive strides in Eufy camera privacy event

From companies with a wide product range Ankersub-brand Eufy It drew a lot of reaction with the cameras that it sold on the internet.

Anker, in the last month of 2022 Eufy brand and the security cameras from this brand did not have a good time. Eufy-branded security cameras and camera door for the kidnappers bells send data to the cloud, unlike what is said. The company emphasizes that they do not do this in the advertisements of the products, and has been highlighting the models in this way for a long time. But that’s not the case, and the firm has been receiving serious backlash since a security researcher uncovered the situation. According to this researcher, the company’s security products take images to send photo notifications to people’s phones and send it to the cloud. Among those who go to the cloud facial recognition data is also included. In this context, the company, which received a lot of reaction and had to update its iOS application, started to give clear information or warning to people about cloud details with this update. If visual notifications are opened in the warning description that was not included before It is said that the photo / face recognition data will be temporarily dumped in the cloud. started.


Later the firm Found that he made an update on his official site. The company is doing very badly with this and privacyeliminate its big commitments to lifted. This, of course, drew more backlash, as the majority of existing customers do not adhere to these commitments. Eufy preferred their products. This subject has received serious criticism. for example “The company is deleting its privacy and security policies” from globally well-known websites that share a news with a description Android Central, this news “Throw away all your Eufy cameras now” such a very bad title for the company gave. About this development 9toGoogle if “Eufy breaks promises—local only—from camera privacy commitments after caught lyingused the title.

It was previously reported that there was a security vulnerability in the company’s cameras and that the camera images could be accessed live even through a media player such as VLC. This sounded the most because here it was different from the other. It’s not a misleading marketing problem, it’s a huge security hole. Anker certainly did not accept this situation, which was proven by more than one security expert. Company “It is not possible to start a stream using a third-party player like VLC and watch live footage with it.” keeps saying. Security experts state that the company does not use strong encryption in this process, and this seems scary.

The company entered 2023 by taking good steps. Anker first expressed that he was sorry for the lack of communication in the process and that they would be better in this regard in the future. The company will now enlist the help of third-party security companies to audit Eufy security products, and an official “bug bounty program“will take effect. Anker will also launch a security site in February, providing customers with more information about the changes being implemented. Above all, video transfer requests from the Eufy web portal are now the same as in the Eufy app. end-to-end encrypted. In this way, a really high security will be achieved. Anker now has every Eufy camera encrypted by default It’s been updated to use WebRTC and Eufy video footage is no longer available to third-party apps (like VLC) it is not possible to play via told.