Animal rights activists pasted pictures over a portrait of King Charles | Foreign countries

Animal rights activists pasted pictures over a portrait of King

Animal rights activists covered King Charles’s face with an image of the cartoon character in London.

Animal rights activists attacked the British king on Tuesday Charles’s for a portrait in London.

An organization called Animal Rising published on their social media channels pictures and videos where two activists glue two pictures on top of a portrait.

Charles’ face was covered with the face of the animated character Wallace from the Wallace and Gromit movies. In addition, a speech bubble was attached to the portrait, urging people to pay attention to “cruelty on RSPCA farms”.

The RSPCA is a British charity focused on animal welfare. According to the organization Animal Rising, the RSPCA does not require enough measures to increase animal welfare from agricultural producers who are allowed to use the RSPCA logo on their products and operations.

King Charles supports the organization and Animal Rising is now calling for him to end his support.

According to Animal Rising, the images do not cause damage to the painting. Based on the organization’s video, there is glass on top of the painting.

According to the Reuters news agency, the RSPCA condemned the act and said that it accepts criticism of its activities, but does not accept illegal acts. Buckingham Palace has not commented on the matter.

Jonathan Yeon the portrait he painted was unveiled in May. It received a mixed reception at the time due to the strong red color scheme.