Angers – Lorient: disappointment for Angers SCO, what to remember

Angers Lorient disappointment for Angers SCO what to remember

Angers SCO – FCL. They conceded points, but Lorient are victorious at Stade Raymond Kopa, during the 17th day of Ligue 1, against Angers SCO. Verdict of this match between Angers SCO and FC Lorient: 1 goals to 2. Find the highlights of the match.

16:51 – It’s over between Angers SCO and FC Lorient (1-2)

The superiority of FC Lorient can be seen in the numbers: at the end of this confrontation, possession of the ball is clearly in their favor (54% against 46% for Angers SCO). The Lorient people also created the most serious chances, with 5 shots on target against 2 shots on target for Angers SCO, and therefore logically won this meeting (1-2).

16:50 – Six meters in favor of Angers SCO

90ᵉ. Florent Batta, the game director, indicates a 6 meters while the score is still 1-2. The defense can clear.

16:49 – Abdallah Sima misses the target!

90ᵉ. Interesting possibility for Abdallah Sima but it is not on target and this strike fails to find the opening.

16:48 – Corner for FC Lorient

90ᵉ. FC Lorient lands a new corner in this part. The opportunity to take off on the scoreboard (1-2)? We arrive in the 90th minute in Angers and it is Enzo Le Fee who is about to take this corner kick on the left of the field.

16:46 – New free kick in favor of Angers SCO

89ᵉ. Angers SCO benefit from a free kick in the opposing half which could allow them to develop a new offensive and return to the scoreboard in this 2nd period. A particularly interesting opportunity as we are in the 89th minute of this confrontation.

16:44 – New goal signed Enzo Le Fee in Angers (1-2)!

Enzo Le Fee has just found the fault and restores the advantage to his team in the 88th minute! The confrontation starts again on new bases at the Stade Raymond Kopa: 1 to 2 in this 2nd half.

16:44 – Lorient have a real goal opportunity!

88ᵉ. Ooh there there there there! FC Lorient gets a superb opportunity to improve the score.

16:43 – Corner in favor of Angers SCO

87ᵉ. Angers SCO creates an interesting opportunity to pass in this meeting (1-1) by immediately obtaining its 7th corner, on the left of the lawn, while we are in the 87th minute in Angers.

16:40 – New free kick that will allow FC Lorient to clear in its 30 meters

83ᵉ. Florent Batta whistled a free kick in favor of Lorient who were besieged a few meters from their goal line and could see Angers SCO score a point at the end of this action. We are therefore heading towards a draw as we play the last quarter of an hour of this confrontation.

16:38 – Six meters for FC Lorient

82ᵉ. Florent Batta, the man in black, whistles a 6 meters while the score is still 1-1. The defense can clear.

16:38 – Shot off target for Angers SCO

82ᵉ. Angers SCO tries to find the fault but the attempt is imprecise.

16:37 – Six meters for FC Lorient

81ᵉ. Florent Batta, the man in black, whistles for a 6-yarder as the scoreboard still shows 1-1. The defense raises.

16:37 – Corner for Angers SCO

81ᵉ. It is a new corner which is obtained on the left side at the moment by Angers SCO. The latter will be shot by Pierrick Capelle to bring the danger in front of the opposing cage and why not go ahead on the scoreboard (1-1).

16:37 – Shot off target for Angers SCO

80ᵉ. The Angevins have the opportunity to take the lead, but this attempt slips out of bounds.

16:35 – A CSC in this meeting (1-1)!

The scoreboard changes to 1 to 1 at Stade Raymond Kopa. And it is a defender who penalizes his team and offers a goal to FC Lorient in the 79th minute in this 2nd half.

16:35 – What an opportunity for FC Lorient! !

79ᵉ. Things are heating up at Stade Raymond Kopa! Great opportunity for FC Lorient.

16:35 – Corner for FC Lorient

79ᵉ. Corner which will benefit FC Lorient. The latter will be shot on the left side of the opposing goals.

16:33 – Yoann Cathline is replaced by Sirine Ckene Doucoure at Lorient

77ᵉ. Sirine Ckene Doucoure succeeds Yoann Cathline in the 77th minute of play in this game.

16:33 – Laurent Abergel is replaced by Ibrahima Kone at Lorient

76ᵉ. Ibrahima Kone succeeds Laurent Abergel too.

16:32 – Himad Abdelli is replaced by Nabil Bentaleb at the Angevins

76ᵉ. Angers SCO makes another change: Nabil Bentaleb replaces Himad Abdelli.

16:32 – Corner in favor of Angers SCO

75ᵉ. Corner which will allow Angers SCO to bring danger into the area. The latter will be shot on the right side of the opposing goals.

16:31 – Offside whistled against Angers SCO

75ᵉ. An Angers SCO player is penalized for offside and allows the opposing team to clear.

16:30 – Corner in favor of Angers SCO

73ᵉ. Angers SCO lands a new corner in this part, which will be taken by Pierrick Capelle, on the left side of the field. The opportunity to increase your score advantage?

16:28 – Corner for FC Lorient

71ᵉ. The referee whistles a corner kick in favor of FC Lorient, on the left. Led to the score (1-0) in this 2nd half, the visitors will try to put pressure on Angers SCO by bringing size into the penalty area.

16:26 – Farid El Melali is replaced by Amine Salama at the Angevins

70ᵉ. We rotate the workforce at the Angevins: Farid El Melali leaves the playing area while Amine Salama makes his appearance.