ANFIA, positive trend continues in June for truck and bus market

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(Finance) – A gJune the truck market continues and improves its positive trend, recording a double-digit increase, as does the bus sector. Trailed vehicles recover and return to positive territory in the month. This was revealed by ANFIA which released the figures for the Italian market of trucks, trailers-semi-trailers and buses in June

Analyzing the June 2024 market in detailin the month 3,456 registration certificates were issued for new trucks (+23.8% compared to June 2023) and 1,447 registration certificates for new heavy trailers and semi-trailers, i.e. with a GVW greater than 3,500 kg (+5.6%), divided into 139 trailers (+17.8%) and 1,308 semi-trailers (+4.4%).
In the first half of 2024 16,782 are counted registration certificates for new trucks, 10.5% more than in the first six months of 2023, and 7,167 registration certificates for new heavy trailers and semi-trailers (-14.5% compared to January-June 2023), divided as follows: 715 trailers (+6.1%) and 6,452 semi-trailers (-16.3%).

For trucks, in the first half of 2024, all four geographical areas of the country show a positive variation: +16.9% in the North-East, +10.6% in the Central and Eastern area. South and Islands, +7% the North-West and +5.7% the Central regions. All weight classes show growth in volumes in June.

“There continuation of the growth in truck registrations recorded in June demonstrates the willingness of operators in the sector to invest in renewing fleets of vehicles intended for freight transport – comments Luca Sra, ANFIA Delegate for freight transport.

In the face of one of the oldest circulating fleets in Europe, in order to concretely implement the replacement of older vehicles with new low and zero emission latest-generation vehicles, it is reiterated that it is necessary to adopt a policy of support for the road haulage sector that is characterised by a multi-year perspective and adequate funding, also providing for specific bonuses for the scrapping of vehicles in a class lower than Euro IV when purchasing a new vehicle.
This multi-year planning, as already reiterated by the automotive and road haulage industry associations, must operate in compliance with the principle of technological neutrality, recognizing the contribution of all the engines available on the market capable of guaranteeing emission savings, starting from natural gas (compressed or liquefied) and diesel, thus enhancing the Italian supply chain of the respective biofuels (biomethane and HVO).

The call to reinstate further investment enabling measures is also renewed.sustainable ones such as the tax credit for the purchase of capital goods applied to latest-generation vehicles”.