Android 13: Top 8 New Features

Android 13 Top 8 New Features

Google’s Android 13 update now Pixel coming to your devices. Android 13 expands the features introduced with last year’s Android 12, as well as bringing new tools and quality of life improvements. Pixel users are now official Android 13 While you can get the update, other devices are expected to wait for a while. In this post, we’ve rounded up the best features in Google’s latest operating system for you to check out as soon as the update arrives.

Android 13 permissions are enabled for notifications, media and location

Google added an opt-in method for many permissions. When you launch an app, you may be asked a pop-up asking if you want to allow or deny certain permissions. These include:

image files
video files
audio files

Android 13 brings a new permission that allows apps to search for nearby Wi-Fi devices. This means an app no ​​longer needs to access your location to find these devices.

Third-Party Material You icons get full support on Android 13

With Android 12 you had support for dynamic app icon theme, but this was limited to Google and system apps. Android 13 lets every app use this feature so you don’t have a jarring clutter of themes on your home screen. However, enabling the dynamic app theme is the developer’s responsibility. It seems that some applications such as Whatsapp and Sync have gained support.

Android 13 introduces even more Material You palettes

Along with the expansion of themed icons comes an expanded set of 16 Material You options in the wallpaper color picker. Go to the Wallpaper and Style menu to check out the new colors.

You can set the language settings for each app on Android 13

Multilingual Android users can now have a different language for each app. This feature is something new in Android 13 and comes two years after Apple announced per-app language settings on iOS. To change an app’s language, go to the App Info page and tap the Language button. Developers must provide language files to enable this option, so don’t be surprised if your favorite app isn’t showing the option yet.

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Copying text and images is much easier on Android 13

Android 13 brings significant improvements in copying text and images. When you copy text or image on Android 13, a small popup will appear in the lower left corner of your screen. This allows you to edit the text or image before sharing it and it will be automatically cleared after 60 minutes.

Android 13’s Photo Selector lets you set per-app image sharing options.

Photo Picker is a feature that first appeared on iOS, allowing Android 13 users to control how their data is shared with third-party apps. When you share images with an app, the app can only access the photos you select. You don’t need to do anything different, but developers do need to update their apps to enable this feature.

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Android 13 adds a seven-day privacy dashboard to the mix

Android 12 introduced a privacy dashboard that shows what your apps have accessed in the last 24 hours. Android 13 improved this feature by expanding the privacy dashboard to show more information about the past seven days and how apps use your personal information. It may not be a very exciting feature, but it is a big step towards improving privacy.

Android 13 provides RCS messaging improvements

As mentioned earlier, Google is working with carriers to upgrade its text messaging service (SMS) to Rich Communication Services (RCS), which provides much better privacy features, including end-to-end encryption for 1-to-1 calls. Later this year, group chats in messages will also be encrypted. RCS provides support for higher quality photo sharing and larger file sharing, beyond just privacy.