Andrew Tate, the social media celebrity who acknowledged Greta Thunberg, was arrested on suspicion of human trafficking

A Tiktok celebrity fantasizes about restricting womens freedom beating and

Romanian prosecutors say they have found six women who are suspected of being exploited by Andrew Tate and three others.

A British-American social media celebrity known for his misogyny Andrew Tate has been arrested in Romania, the country’s prosecutors say.

In addition, the Romanian police arrested Andrew Tate’s brother and two other Romanian suspects. The four are suspected of human trafficking, rape and the establishment of an organized criminal group.

According to the prosecutors, the four are suspected of creating a criminal group whose purpose was to recruit, house and exploit women by forcing them to produce pornographic content that was intended to be sold online for a fee.

The prosecutors say that they have reached six women who are suspected to have been exploited by the four.

Tate’s brothers have been under criminal investigation since April.

In his Tiktok videos, former kickboxer Andrew Tate has, among other things, fantasized about restricting women’s freedom, beating and raping them.

Tate has been banned from Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and YouTube due to her misogynistic published content. He was also banned from Twitter, but bought by the company Elon Musk allowed him back on the platform in November.

Earlier this week, Tate made headlines again when he took on a Swedish climate activist on Twitter Greta Thunberg with.

Source: Reuters