Andrew Tate has been released from prison – placed under house arrest

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Andrew Tate was arrested last December by Romanian police and detained on suspicion of rape and human trafficking. Prosecutors allege that Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan sexually exploited women and tricked them into recording pornographic material intended for publication on the Internet – with the aim of making money for the brothers and two other men.

Former kickboxer Andrew Tate made a rocket career on social media in 2022 as a so-called self-help guru. With money and expensive cars, he attracted millions of followers and views on Youtube and other social media. His popularity grew, especially among young men.

Misogynistic statements

But the 35-year-old English-American also made himself notorious for several controversial and misogynistic statements. Among other things, he has said that women who are subjected to abuse bear the responsibility and that women are men’s property.

The statements got him kicked out of several social platforms. This instead led to his fans spreading his content on the platforms even more.