Andersson on Folklistan: Crowded on the right side

Andersson on Folklistan Crowded on the right side

Updated 12.58 | Published 12.55




full screen The Social Democrats’ party chairman Magdalena Andersson comments on Folklistan. Archive image. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

S leader Magdalena Andersson says that it remains to be seen how the new Folklistan party will affect the elections to the EU Parliament in June.

– It was started by one of the profiles in Swedish politics who are on the far right, so the risk of taking voters from the Social Democrats is perhaps less than taking voters from other right-wing parties, she says.

She is referring to EU parliamentarian Sara Skyttedal, who previously represented the Christian Democrats.

On the other hand, the party’s top name, Jan Emanuel, was until recently a member of the Social Democrats.

The party has presented a policy which, among other things, involves “scrapping the right to asylum” and renegotiating Sweden’s EU membership.

– It’s getting a bit crowded on the right in Swedish politics, says Magdalena Andersson.