And that’s what happened: It sticks into all kinds of masks and starts working! They named it FaceBit

And thats what happened It sticks into all kinds of

With the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) pandemic, face masks, which have entered our lives more than ever before, have been produced in different designs or versions with different technologies. Some companies even designed and produced smart masks and offered them for sale. However, a new device called FaceBit, designed by engineers from Northwestern University in the USA and attached to the mask, managed to attract as much attention as smart masks.


It was stated that FaceBit, which is attached to the mask, is designed to help the person by monitoring their vital signs and detecting leaks in the mask. It was informed that the device can calculate the respiratory rate of the user, detect the heart rate and monitor the tightness between the mask and the skin of the user.

It was reported that the prototype device, which can transmit data to the smartphone application via bluetooth, can thus warn people, such as healthcare workers, who often have to wear masks for long periods of time, to readjust or change their masks.


It was shared that FaceBit, which is said to be the size of a coin, can be attached to any type of mask (N95, cloth mask or surgical mask) via a small magnet. It was also stated that although the device is powered by batteries, it is powered by systems that collect energy from movement, breath heat and light. As a result, the device reportedly provides 11 days of use.