Analysis: “The fact that they were voted on gives me new hope for humanity”

The role of clown and prankster has previously been played by “artists” such as Edward Blom, Ravaillacz and not least Björn Ranelid who sang the biggest prank song in Mello’s history and whose songwriter is also behind Persson’s contribution.

A song about not being able to accept criticism at all. Good thing you have a crisis plan Gunilla, you have time to think already during the first verse, because she can’t (and this is an understatement) sing.

Still, I find myself rooting for the man. Because there’s something heartbreaking about being invited as a fool but believing you’re there as an artist and future star. And indeed: The song has something. That it has been compared to Beyoncé’s latest singles is the biggest joke of the year, but still – when Tarantino meets Tyrol, it’s not impossible to see a future in after-skin. And La Gunilla’s cute cowboys make up for her own stiffness. So when she stands there in the middle of all the crystal sickness and sings “I won’t break” then I want it to be true.

“The only real star of the evening”

Still, it’s probably equal parts tan and pity that took this number on to the semis. For this sub-competition was a duel between Cazzi Opeia and yes, Cazzi Opeia. Hollywood-Gunilla must be excused, but with over forty Billboard number 1s under her belt, Moa “Cazzi Opeia” Carlebecker is the only real star of the evening.

“Give my heart a break” is a fine symphonic pop composition that she performs with both energy and poise. Together with Jacqline’s bass-heavy, superstar-scented “Effortless”, which Carlebecker also co-wrote, they are undoubtedly the two best songs of the evening. That both were voted on directly to the final gives me new hope for humanity.