Analysis: Navalny’s death increases European unity – Russia’s aggression must be stopped | Foreign countries

Analysis Navalnys death increases European unity Russias aggression must

The determination to strengthen European security and support Ukraine grew at the Munich Security Conference. However, the concrete is still missing, writes Europe correspondent Anna Karismo.

MÃœNCHEN Data from the Russian opposition leader To Alexei Navalny about the death made the atmosphere serious at the conference of top security policy influencers gathered in Munich. Navalny’s death was a reminder of how Russia works.

After the news of the death, there was such anger in the München conference hall that the increase of European security can very well get energy from. The expressions were more serious than a year ago, according to those present.

There are many problems on the agenda of the world’s most important annual security conference. US support for Ukraine is uncertain and the presidential candidate Donald Trump wants to withdraw support from NATO. Ukraine is running out of ammunition, and it has to withdraw.

The threat of NATO’s weakening after Trump’s possible victory is now seen as greater than before.

A defense dimension for the EU

President of the EU Commission running for a second term Ursula von der Leyen suggests that the defense and reconstruction of Ukraine should now be tackled with the same energy and resources as the corona pandemic.

He also said in München that he wants to establish his own directorate for defense affairs in the future EU Commission and to create the defense commissioner’s portfolio.

Zelenskyi said in his speech that Putin is trying to cause a global catastrophe, and that the secret police are also aware of this.

President of France Emmanuel Macron flattered Zelenskyi on the messaging service X and said that Putin’s Russia is the world’s “systematic destabilizer”. He referred, among other things, to the fact that Russian cyberattacks in France have increased recently.

Macron now emphasizes more than before that Europe must defend Ukraine more strongly and respond to Russia collectively.

Until now, France has been criticized for providing too little support to Ukraine compared to other European countries. Now it plans to provide arms aid with more than three billion euros.

France also undertakes to defend Ukraine for ten years or until Ukraine becomes a member of NATO.

France and Germany signed security agreements with Ukraine on Friday. Also the Chancellor of Germany By Olaf Scholz the attitude seemed a bit stricter in Munich than before.

– Are we doing enough, even though we know what a Russian victory in Ukraine would mean, he asked.

Germany, France and Poland plan to start the so-called Weimar Triangle. It means security and weapons cooperation between countries. For example, Germany is already investing in large-scale ammunition production at Rheinmetall’s factories.

– The arms industries of European countries cannot survive alone. That’s why safety can only be strengthened by working together. There is enough capacity, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said.

Trump’s speeches are worrying

Along with Putin and Navalny, the name of US President Donald Trump was on everyone’s lips. Trump has threatened that countries whose defense spending is not large enough will no longer receive protection from NATO in the future.

Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg reminded that the United States has never gone to war alone, but has always received support from others.

In the opinion of many Munich participants, Trump’s speeches cause the European NATO to be strengthened in practice. Otherwise, the countries will have to protect themselves from Trump’s plans alone, without allies.

– Europe has to wake up. We need to increase arms production, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said.