Analysis: Even Snusk can’t beat pyrotechnics and classic schlager

There was a nervousness in the air before the second part of this year’s Melodifestival. Half of the contestants said it bluntly: I’m nervous.

However, it was not Carina Berg who continued to hold the flag high. The chaotic world situation was once again tactfully announced in the introduction. The program management was almost flawless, and the series with Björn Gustafsson raised it to the next level. A famous ex-husband on it and the thing is beef.

But something rubs off when the sketches in the intermission entertainment are more interesting than the contributions themselves.

Toned down dirty

Musically speaking, tonight’s competition in Gothenburg was not a great experience. But in Melodifestivalen it is just as important to be entertaining – and several contestants succeeded there with flying colors.

Especially Miss Snusk.

Call it epadunk or party music, it goes home. All the uproar about suspected streaming fraud before Miss Snusk was on the hit scene had built up a hype, what is this figure in a pink balaclava up to?

The answer turned out to be riding backwards and forwards on a pink horse in front of the illusion of a neon public park. In other words, how it sounds matters less.

The hint of sex, which usually characterizes Fröken Snusk’s music, is also present in the Melodifestival contribution, but is significantly toned down. The question is whether parents around Sweden will think it is enough when more children now open their eyes to Ms. Snusk’s catalog.

No ESC winner

In the category of the evening’s kindest contribution, it was a tie between Dear Sara, C-Joe’s Afrobeat and Engmans Kapell’s Norrlandsromantik. It got even crazier when Liamoo took the stage and sang the song “Dragon” to smoke and pyrotechnics that reach E-type levels.

Fire and traditional schlager are equal to a one-way ticket straight to the final. It is very old. Number two to get the same ticket was the evening’s most professional: Maria Sur.

Stylish and classic schlager was the evening’s winner, but after the notes faded, neither Liamoo’s nor Maria Sur’s songs stuck in the memory bank.

It makes me think that Sweden’s representative in the Eurovision Song Contest has not yet entered the middle game.