An interesting Tesla Model 3 that can travel in reverse has been prepared [Video]

An interesting Tesla Model 3 that can travel in reverse

Tesla’s cheapest option in the electric car family Tesla Model 3 This time, a very interesting version has been prepared for you.

Tesla Model 3is a bestselling vehicle, especially in the US market. At the center of many interesting projects due to its relatively affordable price. Model 3this time YouTuber WhistlinDiesel It makes a sound with the giant rim/tire version on the page prepared by. Despite this structure, it is in a drivable structure and even saves distance. tool that can be used even in reversemanaged to take the popular YouTuber to the top of the auto press and of course became a big advertisement. You can watch the driving footage in the video below. Model 3Specifically, it stands 3 meters high and is set on 115-inch custom-made steel wheels.


Confirmed by multiple sources speaking over the past year information According to the giant electric car manufacturer, to renew the Model 3 “Highland” It works also on a tool that took the code. This is new Tesla Model 3 It is stated that the version will have fewer parts in the living area than the current version, and the exterior design will be updated. It is not yet known exactly how it will reduce parts, because it already prepares the Model 3 with a very simple living space. Tesla, according to sources, wants to reduce costs with this tool. It is reported that it can increase the power for the vehicle or make an update on the contrary. Tesla, It can offer the new version of its five-year-old vehicle, which it sells best, to the market at a starting price of 35-40 thousand dollars.