An independent investigation should be launched into the mass graves found in Gazan hospitals, says the UN Foreign countries

An independent investigation should be launched into the mass graves

According to the information cited by the UN, the mass graves reportedly contained elderly people, women and the wounded.

Independent inquiry into mass graves found in Gaza’s Nasser and al-Shifa hospital areas must be launched, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk says in the announcement.

– Under international humanitarian law, hospitals enjoy special protection. And killing civilians, captured and others who are hors de combat is a war crime.

According to the Office of the Human Rights Commissioner, the bodies of more than 280 people have been found in the area of ​​Nasser Hospital. Representative of the Human Rights Commissioner Ravina Shamdasani according to the mass graves, it has been said that there were elderly people, women and the wounded. In addition, the hands of some of the deceased were allegedly tied.

Canadian According to the CBC civil defense personnel continued to search for bodies on Tuesday near the ruins of Nasser Hospital. Workers who spoke to the CBC on Monday said some of the dead had been mutilated or decapitated, while others were found handcuffed.

Shamdasani says that according to information from the Palestinian authorities, the bodies of around 30 people had been found in the al-Shifa hospital area. According to some reports, some of the dead in al-Shifa were also found with their hands tied.

According to both the Palestinians and Shamdasan, many more bodies may be found.

Israel: Soldiers search for hostages

According to the news agency AFP, the Israeli armed forces have denied that they were behind the mass graves. Earlier in April, Israeli forces withdrew from the city of Khan Yunis, where Nasser’s hospital is located.

According to the armed forces, the soldiers who were looking for hostages kidnapped by the extremist organization Hamas had examined bodies previously buried by Palestinians near Nasser Hospital. However, according to the armed forces, the bodies were returned to their burial places after investigations.

Representative of the US National Security Council John Kirby said that the information about mass graves was very worrying. The US plans to discuss them with their Israeli counterparts to find out what Israel knows about the matter.