An important item can be reused after use – but hardly anyone knows this

An important item in Dragon’s Dogma 2 can be used more than once. The game just doesn’t tell you that. The community has discovered the fact and is now quite baffled by it.

What item is it about? Camp equipment is essential if you want to take a break every now and then on your adventure in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Not only can you skip the dangerous nights full of strong monsters. You can also roast food such as meat over the fire and thereby gain bonuses.

Previously, many players thought that camp equipment was depleted as it was used. And that it is absolutely necessary to have enough reserves in your luggage. The problem is that warehouse equipment weighs comparatively a lot.

The equipment that you can find or buy, especially at the beginning, weighs an impressive 7 kilograms. That’s quite a lot in Dragon’s Dogma 2, depending on the class you choose.

If you carry several copies of them around at once, your inventory will become full of rubbish very quickly. The consequence: Your character moves sluggishly and more slowly. This has a noticeable effect on the gameplay.

But it looks like Capcom has kept a crucial detail quiet.

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Storage equipment does not wear out

What did the community find out? Some of you have to be very strong right now. Because, contrary to what many people assume, camp equipment is an item that does not wear out.

In plain language, this means: You basically only need a single kit. You can use this again and again after a restful night.

But quiet is the key word. Because if you are attacked by monsters wandering around at night, your equipment can break. In this case you need a new kit.

So it can be an advantage to have at least one spare in your luggage. If necessary, you can move the weight into the inventory of your main vassal or auxiliary vassals. They’re supposed to carry it.

The X user Jamie Moran found this out and made it public:

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Capcom has already announced the first updates – but that’s not enough for the community.

Many players feel stupid

How does the community react? Reddit user Gowler4269 is just one of many players who have spoken out in complete astonishment.

He writes: “30 hours into the game and it’s only now that I’ve realized that camp equipment doesn’t disappear after rest… 30 f****** hours of each of my minions lugging kits.”

Many players agree with this. They are surprised but also irritated that the game hides this information. Many also feel really stupid:

  • “I thought they (the kits) weren’t worth it because of the weight and I always went back to town (to rest),” SideshowBoB44 said in his Reddit post.
  • “Does this mean I’ve been carrying around four kits at 90% weight capacity the entire time and all for nothing?” writes Kohakuzuma.
  • “Thanks. I’m glad I’m not the only noob here,” writes GamerbearAmargosa.
  • “They (Capcom) should really explain this in a tutorial pop-up,” says Test88Heavy.
  • Did you know about this important detail? Or do you have any other tips for players? Write it to us in the comments. Players sometimes resort to drastic measures when it comes to preventing the rampant dragon plague.