an explosion of the deficit which embarrasses the majority

an explosion of the deficit which embarrasses the majority

Bercy had prepared minds at the beginning of the month, by announcing that the deficit would “significantly” exceed the government’s forecast. The INSEE ax fell this Tuesday morning. The public deficit ultimately slips to 5.5% of GDP in 2023 instead of 4.9%. A revision which ranks France among the dunces of the euro zone. Even though this explosion had been expected for several days by the government, it embarrassed the majority.

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Report to the National Assembly, Charlotte Urien-Tomaka

In Francethe government had prepared people’s minds for bad news, but it is clear that even the majority are worried.

This is not good news, don’t hide behind your little finger, believes Pierre Cazeneuve. Obviously, when we are 0.6 points away from our deficit reduction objective, obviously it is worrying, it means that we still have a long way to go. Unfortunately, this is also due to macroeconomic factors which are difficult to anticipate. »

His rebellious deputy colleague Éric Coquerel, who chairs the committee of Financeis also concerned, but by the avenues mentioned by the government to straighten out the trajectory of public finances.

We wonder if there is a pilot on the plane and if he is good, he blurted. My answer is no, and that’s what worries me rather than the deficit itself. Because clearly, what the government intends to put on the table to absorb it are the old neoliberal recipes that do not work, these are public spending. »

For the RN, the observation is the same and it is final. “ So many errors and incompetence, I think of all those who trusted this incapable Bruno Le Maire and who realize today that Bercy is in the hands of a dishonest and incompetent person », Launches parliamentarian Jean-Philippe Tanguy.

Questioned this Tuesday during questions to the government on the question of the public deficit, the Prime Minister affirmed that the government would “ continue on this path of rigor “.

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