An electric scooter signed by Acer brand Predator was introduced

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Among the major computer manufacturers Acerfocusing on gaming today Predator with electric scooter under the brand on the agenda.

Acer Predator Extreme PES017 electric scooter model was one of the surprise products we encountered today. The scooter, which is suitable not only for urban use but also for off-road conditions, carries a 350-W (960-W maximum) electric motor and rides on 10-inch tires. Promising a comfortable journey with its double suspension system, the model is equipped with a removable 36-V/10.5-Ah battery. It offers a range of up to 35 km. It brings 40 Nm of torque and its maximum speed is within legal limits. Predator Extreme PES017 electric scooter model with a speed of 25 km/hIt is equipped with LED lights and disc brakes and carries the IPX5 certificate. The model that will be taken to many markets in the coming period 1,299 euros has a price tag.

Before this, Acer had its own electric bike model “ebii” he made a splash with. Briefly, the prepared bike focuses directly on urban use and looks easily portable and manageable with its small tires. The bike, which has an artificial intelligence basis and can thus learn by analyzing people’s driving habits, can automatically select the appropriate gear for road conditions. Ebii, which is generally designed very futuristically, 16kgIt is lighter than many of its competitors and 25km/h It provides pedal support up to speed.

With a large battery pack compared to its body located in the middle 110 km bringing a range above Acer electric bike, It has a special mobile application, offers good protection features through this application, and can perform accident prevention as far as it is transferred to built-in lighting systems. The product, whose removable battery can be fully charged in over 2 hours, also allows it to be used to charge laptop models. Disc brakes are not missing, it does not carry mudguards, but it has a place to put a smartphone.

speaking for model Acer Inc. Co-COO Jerry KaoThe new Acer ebii delivers on our commitment to sustainability through technology and innovative design and furthers our desire to enhance users’ mobility and experiences. Users who are looking for comfortable, safe and more environmentally friendly options while commuting to work, Acer ebii’s artificial intelligence-supported assistant and innovative safety features enable them to go farther, faster.” he said. Kao continued his words as follows: “Acer’s entry into the e-bike market brings together the work of Acer subsidiaries such as MPS Energy’s power system and Xplova’s cycling computers. “The cornerstone of ebii’s design is the smart vehicle control box, which operates and directs the bike’s numerous functions from a single operation centre.”