An ecological and economical solution to put an end to bed bugs

An ecological and economical solution to put an end to

Small, resistant and voracious … bedbugs bring living hell to the occupants of a home. However, it is possible to eradicate them without using chemicals and without calling in a professional. A unique and effective concept accessible to all.

It is well known that a house infested by Bedbugs becomes properly unlivable. Particularly tenacious, these little ones nocturnal insects feed on blood causing pimples and irritation. If it is necessary to treat as soon as possible, no need to jump on the first insecticide trade came to get rid of this scourge. Many of these products are not the most effective: bedbugs mutate and adapt to their composition.

You can contact a licensed company to perform chemical treatment. However, in addition to its impact on the environment and health, this expensive solution is also very restrictive, especially with young children or with animals. More ecological, bean leaves laid out on the ground to trap these little animals: a grandmother’s recipe whose effectiveness is quite relative …

In order to combine efficiency and ecology, the founders of the “” site offer a rental box including professional equipment. This includes everything necessary to ensure a treatment without any chemical product.

Searching for bed bugs: an essential prerequisite

In order to completely eliminate bed bugs, it is imperative to track them down. Their nests are not necessarily found in the folds of mattress in your bedroom or on the sofa. Besides a magnifying glass, luminole (the same phosphorescent product used by forensic scientists) can undoubtedly reveal the traces of blood left by the droppings of bedbugs. The stalking quite fast (from 1 to 1:30) because the bedbugs hardly move away from their pantry.

Ten short days for an effective and healthy treatment

Once the critters have been located, all that remains is to eliminate them. Using a dry steam machine (180 ° C), bedbugs, which cannot withstand cold or high temperatures, do not resist this shock treatment for long. Then all you have to do is pick up bedbugs and eggs with a vacuum cleaner. However, to be effective, these operations must be repeated for a few days. To be completely complete, a heated cover and water-soluble bags for machine washing (60 ° C) make it possible to eliminate the survivors who would have taken up residence in clothes, household linen or even books (one of their privileged hiding places) .

Reinforced protection

During the duration of treatment, bed bugs that are still alive will continue to feed. However, among their weak points, they do not resist (like manyinsects) to the land of diatom and cannot climb a smooth surface. Acting like razor blades on their shell, the powder of diatom sprinkled on their way to the foot of the bed does not kill them immediately. No matter, since traps are provided in the box. Installed at the end of each footboard, these (bowl-shaped) have a rough surface on the outside and a perfectly smooth one on the inside. The bedbugs will no longer be able to reach you and it will suffice to eliminate them the next morning after a good night’s sleep. sleep.

The mechanical action of the service offered by this young company is based on recommendations from the Ministry of Solidarity and Health. Invoiced less than 300 €, the rental of the box allows to end once and for all with these unwanted little roommates.

What you must remember

  • An adult bedbug lays between 5 and 10 eggs per day.
  • If in doubt about the presence of bedbugs, 0806 706 806 answers all questions (gray number opened by the Ministry of Ecological Transition).
  • The solution offered by is not suitable for treating a building in its entirety.

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