An amazing feature of Finns’ tumbling in Lahti! EPN’s expert did not swallow the coach’s explanation

An amazing feature of Finns tumbling in Lahti EPNs

The Salpausselkä races can be seen all weekend long on channels. On Sunday, in cross-country skiing, the 20-kilometer traditional co-start races will be held.

BAY. The audience of several thousand people in Salpauselka sighs for the first time. Then a second and a third. Joni Mäki cover his face in the interview area. What really happened?

A glance at the screen reveals that Niilo Moilanen has fallen. His tail has fallen again Ville Ahonen and then Moilanen falls again twice.

The wicked J-bend took its toll.

– The buns were good in the oven. I counted from the bow to the J-bend. I took the inside corner out of it. It was completely frozen. Went under the skis. Kantti didn’t like it. There was an inner ski error. “The fall was my own fault,” Moilanen stated.

Moilanen suspected that the latter falls were caused by the ligament breaking.

– Mono didn’t feel normal. Maybe something got into the bandage when it felt like it wasn’t in the right position, Moilanen stated.

When Moilanen finally finished behind the others in his last heat, Salpausselkä’s home crowd gave a nice round of applause. Moilanen had time to shine in the sprint qualifying, when he was the third fastest among the Norwegian stars Johannes Hösflot Kläbon and By Pål Golberg double cloth.

– A few freaks got inside my own head when I fell. I’m really disappointed. I wanted to give the best result to the home crowd. There was a feeling in my body that we were making a result on the table, Moilanen lamented.

While giving interviews, handsome shouts of “Hyvä Niilo” could be heard behind Moilanen.

– Salppur has not been praised for nothing, said Moilanen, who competed in Salpauselka for the first time.

Ville Ahonen, who finished 10th in Planica’s WC sprint, was even more disappointed than Moila in the interview area. That’s when Ahonen’s race was ruined, when Norway’s Erik Valnes fell before him.

– It was disappointing at the World Championships. It felt good skiing there. Maybe it felt even better now. It was still a slippery ski compared to the others. Takes it hard on the head, Ahonen said.

Ahonen and Moilanen hadn’t had time to talk to each other before they arrived in front of the media.

– No one does this on purpose. Certainly both take a lot on their heads, Ahonen described.

“The Finns were far too bad”

About Ylen’s experts Aino-Kaisa Saarinen according to now we once again saw an inordinate number of falls from Finns.

In addition, Saarinen and another skiing expert Kalle Lassila reminded that the Finns were not good even after the J-bend in the last corner and on the final straight.

Saarinen emphasized that from the J-bend forward in the back bend and on the finish line, there was no overtaking from the Finns on Saturday.

– Finns’ skiing skills are not at a sufficient level. You have to focus on that and make it even more important. It’s not enough to be in good shape and able to ski. Must know how to manage final solutions. On this track, they were also made through the bend to the end of the straight. It was also another place where the Finns were far too bad today, Kalle Lassila said.

The Finns’ problems aroused surprise, especially because the competition was held in their home country and even more so at the legendary Salpauselä.

– This is disappointing when there are so many crashes once again. However, we are in Finland and in Lahti. Basically, everyone has followed this competition, most of them have competed and trained. This is an important competition for Finns. The Finns did not have the important details, Lassila said.

Kläbo did it differently than the Finns

Norwegian superstar Johannes Hösflot Kläbo took victory number 19 this season at Salpauselka. Kläbo was again in a class of his own. The comparison between the Norwegian and the Finn revealed that Kläbo knew how to go around the corner from further and not from inside corners.

– Niilolla took hold. “He should have been able to ski farther,” Saarinen reminded.

According to Lassila, Kläbo is superior in skiing skills and in the way he skis in turns. Kläbo skis excellently into and out of the bend.

– At the moment, others can’t do it, but Kläbo is a good indicator of what you can do and aim for, Lassila said.

Lassila emphasizes that there is also hard work in the background. The expert saw, for example, at the World Championships in Planica, how Kläbo tests and tries out different driving lines for corners.

– Kläbo has so many options depending on his position. Kläbo has an option for every bend to take care of them as quickly as possible and beat competitors. Many are just trying to get out of trouble, Lassila stated.

The coach’s explanation didn’t go through completely

Finland’s coach Ville Oksanen explained the crashes after the competition by saying that in Finland, jar lubrication is often practiced in good conditions.

– Many athletes live in such places that there is no lubricant in use. It’s a shame when you have to learn at the games, Oksanen stated.

Kalle Lassila did not swallow the coach’s explanation about the victories.

– Whatever is on the bottom of the ski, the position and taking the turn is still the most important thing. If you get into a corner, any grip will hold less. If it comes in the wrong position, you catch it, Lassila stated.

So what should be done? According to Kalle Lassila, you should practice skiing in bends.

– A skier’s training and concentration must include things like this. There are thousands and thousands of bends in training, Lassila said.

According to Aino-Kaisa Saarinen, in Finland, downhill techniques, cornering techniques and group skiing should be practiced at an early age.

– From the time trial, 12 went to the continuation. Somehow you know how to ski alone, but not in a group. Then there will be collisions, Saarinen said.