An AI villain in Star Wars could be even older than the Sith

A new Star Wars villain has been introduced in a comic series in the sci-fi universe: The Scourge is an AI hive mind that could be one of the oldest entities in the entire galaxy.

The comic Star Wars: Dark Droids #4 by Charles Soule and Luke Ross represents a crossover event between Star Wars and Marvel. It is considered “canon”, i.e. a continuation of the established universe as known from the films.

A new main antagonist was established who is said to be so old that even the Sith could look young: The Scourge.

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What is The Scourge? The Scourge is an AI hive mind that aims to assimilate any life form (both synthetic and biological) that can feel; until The Scource is the only consciousness in the entire galaxy.

A concept that may remind the sci-fi fans among you of the Borgs in Star Trek or the Daleks in Doctor Who.

MeinMMO author Schuhmann also goes on an assimilation mission in his favorite game:

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Consciousness also has its own council, made up of several androids, each of them representing a specific emotion or train of thought.

The Scourge not only represents a threat to the Rebellion, but also to the Empire. It is a third powerful party in the Star Wars.

Where does The Scourge come from? The new Star Wars villain made his first appearance in the previous comic series titled Star-Wars: Hidden Empire.

Here, AI consciousness was freed from its ancient prison when a Sith artifact called the Fermata Cage was opened.

How old is The Scourge? The fact that The Scource was locked up in a Sith prison suggests that the hive mind had already made the galaxy unsafe at least once before the current events in the comic.

And the comic actually provides information in a dialogue between the androids that there were a total of three attempts by the villain to assimilate all life forms.

The 3rd attempt is the current one that takes place in the comic series. The 2nd attempt took place in ancient times and is the one that led to the Sith imprisoning consciousness.

However, there is no information about the first attempt. So it could have taken place before the existence of the Sith.

This means that The Scourge could be one of the oldest entities in the entire galaxy, having its origins before the Sith.

When is Star Wars: Dark Droids #4 available? If you want to read the story with The Scourge as the new main villain yourself, you can do so directly.

As of today, November 15, 2023, the fourth volume, the latest issue of the comic series, is available.

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