Amouranth is unconcerned about her 2nd Twitch ban in 3 days – but users are demanding a permanent ban

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa (30) is a master at creatively interpreting the rules of Twitch and staying just within the limits of what is allowed. Now she seems to have overdone it, as she received two bans.

What kind of bans are these? Amouranth has a lot of experience with temporary suspensions from Twitch. In the past, she knew how to either cleverly circumvent the barriers by masterfully balancing on the limits of what was permitted – or she profited from it.

However, the current series of bans is also unusual for the scandal-tested streamer: Amouranth’s Twitch channel was blocked on March 30th, unblocked on March 31st and has been closed again since April 2nd.

The reasons for the bans are currently unknown. On Twitch you only find out that the channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of the community guidelines or the terms of use – so again it seems to be just a temporary ban.

It can be assumed that the bans are related to Twitch’s recent rule changes regarding permissive content. A number of similar bans and unbans of streamers can be tracked on the automated X account StreamerBans.

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Amouranth takes it calmly

How did Amouranth react to the ban? Pretty composed. The streamer has had a non-exclusive contract with the competing platform Kick since 2023. She was there on the air when she found out about the ban.

Amouranth was getting her nails done at a salon when she was made aware of the ban. However, she just grimaced slightly and looked at her phone. “Strange,” the streamer commented on the ban. “This is so strange.”

How is this discussed? On X, formerly Twitter, numerous users are calling for Twitch to permanently ban the streamer. For Amouranth, this is now the 9th and 10th ban – other content creators, according to viewers, wouldn’t get as many chances.

Many also react mockingly and claim that the ban would be lifted anyway and that Twitch would never permanently block its “golden goose”.

Even though the bans imposed so far appear to be only temporary, it seems as if Twitch is currently keen to implement its guidelines more strictly. The latest rule changes are the result of an “arms race” for the most creative interpretation of the guidelines that content creators have been engaging in with the platform for years.

Most recently, this has resulted in increasingly absurd streaming trends: streamer grows by 250% in a month on Twitch by using Amouranth’s strategy